About Us

Metropol Educational Institutions is a chain of educational institutions that have contributed to the direction of the future of hundreds of thousands of students with the courses it organizes in the preparation of YÖS and SAT exams since 1995, and has branches in many centers at homeland and abroad. As Metropol branches in many centers within Turkey and abroad. like to direct our foreign students at homeland and abroad to your university during the app cooperate as your agency.

Our institutions; with the pride given by the students of Metropol who achieved outstanding success in exams thanks to the courses organized by him, the publications produced by him, and his guidance services; at the same time, with the confidence gained as a result of the services he provided to government agencies, universities, schools, international organizations and companies, and other institutions, and he constantly renewed his point of view in the field of education and training and adopted his corporate working understanding in all fields where he operates.

The experience we have accumulated since our establishment and the corporate perspective we have acquired provided us to evaluate every development in all fields we serve in a way that can be even more efficient and productive over time and to constantly renew our business understanding.

Our institution will continue to develop its contemporary, scientific and principled perspective in future, and to contribute to students, teachers, educational institutions and all institutions he serves with its collaborative and participatory work understanding.

Best regards.


April 1995


We have realized our establishment to serve Turkish citizen and foreign students in the areas of preperation for entrance exams for universities and high schools.


February 1998

Access to the publishing sector

After 3 years of gaining experience and rapid development, we expanded our vision and stepped into the publishing sector.


July 2000

Opening of our domestic branches

We expanded our experiences gained in the fields of course and publishing services by opening new branches within Turkey in Adana, Samsun, Diyarbakir and Kırsehir.


October 2003

Breakthrough of foreign students

In order to increase the demand for foreign students in our country, we have started to concentrate our knowledge in the courses and publishing sectors on the field of YÖS (Foreign Student Exams) by taking activities of other fields in the secondary plan.


November 2005

Specialization and first representative offices abroad

We have begun to provide service just for foreign and Turkish citizen students who study abroad with their university admission process and continued this period of specialization by opening our first representative offices in Azerbaijan, Germany and Iran.


April 2008

Expansion of Turkish for foreigner

We broke new ground in the field of Turkish for foreigners, as the first private Institution authorized to organize certification and degree programs depending upon the Ministry of National Education except the universities. In addition, as the first Institution that produces professional publications apart from universities, we have enabled thousands of foreign nationals to learn Turkish and get to know our culture.


April 2010

Uniqueness in the field of student admissions from abroad

After 15 years of success in both course services and publishing sector, we have become an Institution, providing courses and consultancy services for students of different countries in the field of student admission from abroad and producing hundreds of different types of publications. We became unique in this field by gaining appreciation of thousands of students.


May 2011

Domestically and abroad branching period

We have succeeded by contributing to the direction of the future of foreign and Turkish students in the field of student admission from abroad and started to open our first official branches in Istanbul, Azerbaijan and Iran in order to offer services for more students.


April 2013

New collaborations and internationalization in the field of student admissions from abroad

With the success we have achieved in the course and publishing sector in the field of student admission from abroad and the respect and trust we have gained by cooperating with Turkish universities, government agencies and national & international organizations, we have started to provide internationally consultancy, publishing, organization and logistics supporting services to these institutions.


May 2017

Expansion period of branch network

Our internationalization and branching initiative which we have started in 2015, still continued in 2017 and we have reached 7 countries and 21 branches with our new branches opened domestically and abroad.